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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

"Teevert" by Marc Archambault, illustrated by Lorna Foot


Teevert follows the life of one individual little leaf, from his first budding to his final fall to the ground. Throughout the book, Teevert and his family are full of enthusiasm for life and love of the changing seasons. However, when, one by one, Teevert's friends start to turn brown and fall from the tree, he is not so fond of winter and is frightened of taking that fall. Eventually, he is left alone and is forced to face his fears and take that final jump.

The story is told in a very simple and straight forward way and is perfect for youngsters who are beginning to read for themselves. Lorna Foot's illustrations are bold and capture the atmosphere of the changing seasons as well as Teevert's emotions.

The book gives parents and teachers a perfect starting point for discussion of a number of subjects: the seasons, growing up and the circle of life and death, all presented in a manner that is non-threatening and esay to understand. Recommended.

Please return in a few days time for an interview with Lorna Foot, illustrator of 'Teevert'


  1. Can you Review my childrens book?

  2. I would be glad to review your book and run an interview alongside it, if that interests you. Please send a PDF of your book to me at TabbyCatPress at Gmail dot com