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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Cloud Seekers by Robert L Calixto


As a child, I frequently saw pictures and faces in the fire, cracks in the ceiling, and the garish 1960's patterned wallpaper or curtains. So, it is easy for me to identify with the Cloud Seekers.

The book encourages children to look beyond the obvious and to use their imagination. The story is simply written and easy to read for beginners.

Illustrator, Russel Wayne, has done a great job at depicting the six culturally diverse friends and there is likely to be a character that each child will identify with - whether they are an animal lover or a lover of biscuits! The images in the clouds are recognisable whilst still remaining 'cloud-like.'

The book opens up possiblities of discussing types of clouds (I was always fascinated with the different names and trying to identify the different kinds) and how clouds are formed so could be used as part of such a lesson.

Available from Halo Publishing

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