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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Why can't we have a decent book review series?

Programmes about books are few and far between, but this year promises to be a treat for book lovers as the BBC are running several series to celebrate The Year of the Book.  So far, I have especially enjoyed "The Beauty of Books", and not surprisingly my favourite episode covered children's illustration especially the many artists of one of my favourite books, Alice in Wonderland.

There are regular programmes that review new films, and countless digital stations dedicated to music of all genres, but we are seriously lacking a regular television programme that discusses and reviews new books.  The few book programmes there are, by and large, are made on shoestring budgets, with dire and unenticing graphics, and appalling sets (a few shabby sofas and a coffee table).  Yet, we read and buy books in their millions every year.  Don't we therefore deserve something more?  As a license payer, why should I continue to fund other people' sporting obsessions when my desire for an intelligent and long-running book programme goes ignored?

It is in recognition and celebration of the Year of the Book, that I am reviving "The Bookworm Reads."   Whereas previously I have reviewed mainly independently published children's picture books, from now on I will be reviewing every book that I read and in between, reviewing and commenting on books that have inspired and moved me in the past.

Please come back tomorrow for a review of "The Various Flavours of Coffee" by Anthony Capella.

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