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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Adventures of Miss Mousey


"The Adventures of Miss Mousey" is the debut children's book by Manchester writer, Lynn Taylor and features the beautiful and whimsical line illustrations of Heather Dickinson. This is an ideal bedtime reader for young children and for older children beginning to read by themselves.
The book has an innocent old fashioned feel which adds to its charm. It is given a modern twist as it features single mum, Mandy, who is bringing up her young daughter alone. She takes her daughter, Erin, to the school fair where they meet a toy mouse 'with attitude'. Erin loves Miss Mousey who becomes her best friend and advisor. But it is when the family's backs are turned that the fun really starts as Miss Mousey and the other toys get involved in a series of exciting adventures and rescue attempts. Miss Mousey is always keen to do good and to help others, whether a fly trying to escape the clutch of the spider, a family of real mice who are in danger of losing their home or a couple of maltreated dogs. She has a strong sense of right and wrong.
In another story, Erin is faced with the prospect of her father remarrying and starting another family. It is Miss Mousey who reassures her that she is loved by her family and who helps her to talk her problems through with them.
There is also an accompanying CD of the narrated story with several simple and catchy songs by Lynn Taylor. Children will soon pick up the words and enjoy singing along. For more information on how to purchase this, please email Miss Mousey.

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